Washington State Politician Posts Anti-Evolution Poem on Public Facebook Page January 29, 2016

Washington State Politician Posts Anti-Evolution Poem on Public Facebook Page

David Madore is a Clark County (Washington) councilor who thinks evolution is a joke.

On his public Facebook page, which is linked to on his campaign’s website (which lists a separate URL for his personal Facebook page), Madore posted this original poem honoring Intelligent Design:


Shocked and dumbfounded, we hadn’t expected
Molecular machines fine tuned and perfected.
So complex were the workings, parts perfectly fitted,
We had to admit we were completely outwitted.

Intricate, efficient, with beauty and grace
Designed in each person, the whole human race.
Cilium, blood clotting, the immune system too:
“How could this evolve?” No one had a clue.

A few did have courage, at least there were three:
Bill Dembski, Phillip Johnson and Michael Behe.
They spoke and they wrote, persuading their peers
To consider the answer just as it appears.

His poetry skills are about as complex as his scientific mind.

If you think the height of scientific achievement can be condensed into a rejected manuscript by Dr. Seuss, then Madore’s the guy for you.

What’s disturbing, though, isn’t just that Madore is a Creationist who embraces nonsense “science,” or that he calls his Facebook page a “newspaper,” or that he has apparently never opened up a textbook where the evolutionary processes for things like blood clotting are explained in great depth.

It’s that he’s promoting bullshit like this on his official Facebook page in his capacity as councilor.

What hope is there for the people of Clark County when one of their elected officials has so little respect for the scientific process and public education?

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