Doctor Says His Bible-Based Program Will Change Your Body Chemistry and Prevent Chronic Disease January 27, 2016

Doctor Says His Bible-Based Program Will Change Your Body Chemistry and Prevent Chronic Disease

Got health problems? Well, I’ve got good news, friend. Behavioral cardiologist Dr. James Marcum has discovered (and written about) the “Ultimate Prescription” for good health. The founder of Heartwise Ministries doesn’t just have the ultimate prescription… it’s also the biblical prescription. It’s a new program he’s developed, with a free kick-off event taking place in Chattanooga at the end of this month.

See? I knew it. You’re sold already. And you haven’t even listened to the promotional video yet:


As a medical professional I’ve seen thousands of patients who have needed something more than modern medicine could offer. And over the past 20 years of practicing cardiology, I’ve discovered another method of treatment.

Hi. I’m Dr. James Marcum, and I’d like to introduce you to Biblical Prescriptions for Life. This is a Bible-based program designed to help you and your loved ones improve your health one step at a time. This evidence-based information focuses on relationships that empower change. Simple steps based on scripture are presented which will change your chemistry. This program focuses on changing the chemistry of the entire body rather than isolated chemical pathways. This program has the potential to eliminate the need for prescription medication and prevent chronic disease. Visit to discover more about Biblical prescriptions for life.

See? This chemistry-changing, evidence-and–Scriptural-based, miracle-working program has the potential to prevent disease, rendering prescriptions unnecessary — all through the proper application of Jesus. Sign me up!

And for the cynics out there, Dr. Marcum has already addressed your concerns. Quoted in the Chattanooga Times Free Press, he reassured us that this isn’t about selling stuff; it’s about helping people.

“We are not selling health products,” Marcum states. “We emphasize that the Bible has principles that change our body’s chemistry. There is a place for modern medicine, but ultimate healing will come from a loving relationship with our creator.”

So the good news about the ultimate Bible cure may just draw people to… well, the Good News.

In addition to improving health care, the doctor sees the Bible study as a new approach in outreach ministry, a different type of evangelistic tool to draw visitors to church — invite a friend to come learn how to improve their health and there’s the potential that visitor becomes interested in learning more about the church.

See? It’s a win-win for everyone! Don’t call it quack medicine. Don’t say it’s rife with opportunity for religious exploitation of sick people.

That’d be downright un-Christian.

(Thanks to Shane for the link)

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