SkepticKids Shirts Offer a Response to Religious Messaging on Children January 21, 2016

SkepticKids Shirts Offer a Response to Religious Messaging on Children

Lindsey Hebert and Ashley Oliver are both atheist mothers from the South who are used to seeing kids with clothes bearing religious messages. It prompted them to create shirts that push back against that culture.

After getting a positive reaction from their friends, the two mothers have launched their own online store, SkepticKids:


They’re hoping that, in addition to selling shirts, they can eventually build up a useful forum and website for secular parents.

By the way: Some of you may argue that shirts like these are a form of atheist indoctrination. It’s bad enough when kids wear clothes that say “Jesus loves me” so why would we do the same thing? But realize that’s not what’s happening here at all. The messages on these shirts purposely avoid branding kids with any non-theistic label. They’re pro-curiosity, not anti-religious.

The most “aggressive” message in the bunch is the one in the picture above that says “Born right the first time.” While that’s a common response atheists offer to born-again Christians, it also stands on its own. (After all, it’s not like the kid was born wrong.)

As an added bonus, a portion of the store’s proceeds will go to Foundation Beyond Belief.

Our hope is to encourage a spirit of inquiry in our children; a sense of wonder and discovery so that we can all be about the business of building a better world. To work toward achieving that end, 10% of all profits will go to Foundation Beyond Belief, a non-profit that demonstrates humanist generosity and compassion through four programs: Education, Poverty and Health, Human Rights, and The Natural World.

As an FBB board member, that’s much appreciated.

Check out their new site right here.

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