“World Hijab Day” Does a Disservice to Women Who Are Forced to Cover Themselves Up December 31, 2015

“World Hijab Day” Does a Disservice to Women Who Are Forced to Cover Themselves Up

Following the lead of Asra Q. Nomani and Hala Arafa, Muslim activist Maajid Nawaz criticizes the idea of wearing a veil in support of Muslim women as a display of solidarity.

After all, there are Muslim societies where the women have no choice but to wear them.

Did these non-Muslim women — indulging their Orientalist fetish by covering their heads — not stop to consider for one moment that their counterparts in Saudi Arabia, Iran, and under Taliban or ISIS rule also require our solidarity in taking their hijabs off?

I am a liberal. The headscarf is a choice. Let Muslim women wear bikinis or burqas, liberal societies have no business in legally interfering with the dress choices women make. I have consistently opposed the ban on face veils in France, just as I oppose their enforcement in Iran and Saudi Arabia.

The fact that it is OK for my fellow Muslims to suggest Wear Hijab Day, yet these same voices are aghast at the mere suggestion of Remove Hijab indicates just how much religious-conservative dogma has engulfed our Muslim communities.

If you want to show your support for Muslim women, then support their right to choose what to do with the veil. Don’t assume putting it on is the only “right” option. That’s what the radicals are doing and we’re supposed to be better than that.

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