Phoenix Woman Accused of Killing Atheist Victim, Then Keeping the Body as a “Shrine From God” December 28, 2015

Phoenix Woman Accused of Killing Atheist Victim, Then Keeping the Body as a “Shrine From God”

According to a disturbing story coming out of Phoenix, 39-year-old Anitra Braxton shot and killed a non-religious woman for the “sin” of not believing in God, then kept the body in her house as a “shrine from God.”

Braxton was arrested on Saturday after cops, acting on a tip, visited her home and saw the unnamed victim lying on the couch in a pool of blood:

Anitra Braxton (Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office)

While being questioned, Braxton told police the victim on the couch was a “shrine from God” and was actually her own body. She later told police that the victim had been shot in the eye for not believing in God.

Police also learned from Braxton that the body had been inside her apartment for two to three days and based on evidence, police believe the apartment had been cleaned up in the days since.

Braxton is being held on $750,000 bail. She’s currently charged with first-degree murder with the initial court hearing taking place on January 6. Her family members say she has mental health issues.

More on this story as it develops.

(Thanks to @thatACDCguy for the link)

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