Georgia Muslim Family Gets Surprise on Their Olive Garden Bill December 28, 2015

Georgia Muslim Family Gets Surprise on Their Olive Garden Bill

On Christmas Eve, a group of twelve Muslims, the women wearing hijabs and everyone speaking Arabic, went to dinner at an Olive Garden in Georgia. If you’re even slightly observant of the religious tension in our country, this situation doesn’t sound like it’ll end well.

So grab a tissue, cynic. This is good news.

When the group requested the check, they were surprised to see the waitress bring a paid bill instead, with a message from a stranger:


Merry Christmas

Beautiful Family

The next morning, Eslam Mohamed, one of the diners, posted the receipt to his Facebook page along with the story:

Yesterday i went to Olive Garden restaurant to have dinner with nice families. We were a group of 7 adults and 5 children. Everyone in the restaurant was knowing that we were Arabs Muslims on the table coz of the language and the ladies were having scarves over their head ( Hijab ). After finishing we asked for the receipts and the waitress came to us with that receipt in the picture. Yes, someone paid for us and wrote those wonderful words on the receipt. I can’t express how this act touched our hearts. Among all the bad things happening to Muslims and the hate speech that the presidential candidate had made lately , there is still light in the dark, there is still hope within the frustration. All what i can say to who did that, Merry Christmas to you too and God bless such a beautiful heart you have 🙂

Isn’t getting along a beautiful thing?

Okay, now how many atheists, after reading the story and getting warm fuzzies, scanned the bill for any closeted non-believers eating prosciutto?

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