Atheist Rapper Ensomniak’s Latest Song: “Plagiarism” December 26, 2015

Atheist Rapper Ensomniak’s Latest Song: “Plagiarism”

Atheist rapper Ensomniak is back with his latest song!

It’s called “Plagiarism” and it’s all about how the story of Jesus is hardly an original one. You can see a sample of the lyrics below.

How is it true when your main position/ is plagiarism/
So many people before you came to the same decision/
They claim traditions/ and they do a little name revision/
To try to con the gullible/ into your lame religion/

It’s so absurd to me/ that this outright forgery
Is thought to be unique/ give beliefs/ the third degree
It should be perjury/ in a court/ just criminal
If you try to claim/ that these books are original

If you like Ensomniak’s music, please consider downloading the track for a dollar and show your support for what he does!

(You can hear some of his other tracks here, here, here, here, here, and here.)

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