Ignorant Christian Writer Wants Atheists to “Calm Down” During the Holidays December 25, 2015

Ignorant Christian Writer Wants Atheists to “Calm Down” During the Holidays

Peter Heck, writing for the American Thinker, proves the publication needs a new name in his latest article. He argues, as so many other ignorant Christians have said before him, that it makes no sense for atheists to get so worked up over religion when — wait for it — they don’t believe in God!

… I can’t help wanting to point and laugh at the overenthusiastic swarm of “nones” (the hip new term for God-deniers) that consider it their solemn duty to sniff out any public acknowledgement of Jesus this time of year and sue its pants off. They aren’t content just not believing…

The atheists’ obsessive devotion to their cause is astounding for people who claim not to believe in the “myth” of Christmas.

After all, I don’t believe in Santa Claus, but the thought of filing a lawsuit to keep some overweight 6th grader from dressing up in a red costume to squeak out a few “Ho, Ho, Hos” in his pre-pubescent voice at the elementary school play has never crossed my mind.

I don’t believe in the Easter Bunny but I’ve never dreamed of conducting a campaign of economic terrorism to bully businesses into not offending me with images of the giant egg-pilfering beast in their stores.

In just a few passages, Heck shows how little he’s actually thought about this issue. But since he didn’t bother asking any atheists why they’re so vocal about these issues, let me offer some quick responses.

— The majority of “Nones” believe in God. The word is not synonymous with “atheists.”

— Atheist organizations never condemn public mentions of Jesus. The only time they take action is when the government promotes Christianity while excluding everybody else. That could mean putting up a Nativity scene in a local courthouse (but not allowing other displays), or a public school choir singing overwhelmingly pro-Christian music in the holiday concert, or a football coach who thinks his primary job is to preach Christianity to the students.

— Atheists are almost never lashing out at Gods we don’t believe in. We’re focused on the followers of those Gods who think it’s the government’s role to promote their beliefs.

— As far as I know, no atheists have ever filed a lawsuit over a portrayal of Santa. That’s not promoting religion.

Heck also says this:

In Nebraska, the city of Lincoln recently yanked a nativity scene from its capitol grounds to allow an atheist group to put up their anti-Christian display entitled “Reason This Season.” Notice this isn’t about allowing the “nones” to celebrate their own traditions. No, the atheists’ sole purpose in hijacking the spot was to deprive the Christians of their tradition. As intolerant as that is, it also makes a mockery of their own claim to “reason.”

All of that is a lie.

As I wrote before, the city of Lincoln has an open forum for displays at the Capitol. Multiple atheist groups requested that space in August. Christians, assuming they would have access to the space as usual, didn’t bother filling out the application until a month later. By that time, the spots had all been reserved by atheists.

In other words, atheists played by the rules. They didn’t say “Put up our displays and leave the Nativity out.” They simply said, “We would like to reserve a spot.”

The fact that the Christians didn’t get there in time isn’t the atheists’ fault.

Their whining is the equivalent of trying to get concert tickets a day after they go on sale, realizing they’re all sold out, and blaming the hard-core fans who bought them in the first few minutes.

That’s not “hijacking.” That’s Christians being lazy. They had every opportunity to request a space. They didn’t. Their loss.

By the way, Chris Clements, who reserved the space for the atheists, explained how it went down on this site:

In order for [Lincoln] Atheists to have a display we needed another group to co-sponsor. Upon asking for [co-sponsors] we found several groups wanting to join. Before we knew it we needed the entire rotunda to be able to hold everyone. It’s not that we wanted to specifically block anyone else, we just wanted our chance to be represented. [The Thomas More Society] had their opportunity last year and still is getting to put it up this year, just not at the time they want. So please stop trying to play the persecution card. We even have groups sharing tables due to lack of available space.

Also the [Thomas More Society] never contacted us asking to be included. Instead they just went straight to the press.

So Heck wants atheists to “just calm down” over problems that only exist in his own warped mind. Maybe if he took a minute to talk to people in some of these atheist groups instead of complaining about a topic he obviously can’t be bothered to research, he’d have something interesting to say.

For now, it’s just typical Christian ignorance parading as punditry.

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