Atheist Group Puts Up “Peace on Earth” Display in California Park December 25, 2015

Atheist Group Puts Up “Peace on Earth” Display in California Park

In Temecula, California, at Duck Pond Park, you’ll find a menorah, Nativity scene, and Christmas tree. They’ve been up there every winter for several years. And this year, they got a brand new addition from the Temecula Valley Atheists:

“We think this is a universal holiday message that should resonate with all people,” said Eric Feris, the TVA representative who led the effort to install the display in the park, in a statement.

Mayor Pro Tem Mike Naggar says that the message is confusing since “peace on Earth” is a Christian phrase.

“‘Peace on earth’ is a religious message,” he said, citing a verse in the second chapter of the gospel of Luke, a book in the bible that covers the birth of Jesus. “I don’t think anyone who sees it (the display) relates it to the group that is behind it.”

It’s true that concept is in the Bible, but Christians don’t own the idea of peace any more than they own morality or December. After all, we’re talking about the same Christians whose history includes the Crusades. It’s also not like every other holy book says “Let’s go to war. It’ll be fun.”

Calling for peace is pretty universal. At least the atheists aren’t waging holy war to achieve their version of it.

(Thanks to James for the images)

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