What Should Parents Do if Their Child is Now an Atheist? December 24, 2015

What Should Parents Do if Their Child is Now an Atheist?

A lot of teenagers who just spent a semester at college may now be coming back home for the holidays without the religious label they had when they still lived at home. What should their parents do about it?

August Brunsman of the Secular Student Alliance has some excellent advice for the ones who may not know how to deal with their newly non-religious kids.

Topping the list? Don’t be afraid to have a conversation with them:

The conversation can sometimes be difficult, but it can also bring you closer together.

If your children tell you they’re atheist, take the time to ask them about their beliefs. And then listen. Instead of hearing that they hate God or have no values, I expect you’ll be impressed at how thoughtful and considerate they are.

Not believing in God doesn’t mean that your son is immoral; it means he helps others simply because he cares about them as fellow human beings. Not believing in an afterlife doesn’t make life meaningless for your daughter; it makes her consider this life all the more important to cherish.

Basically, anything that doesn’t involve an all-out brawl over their eternal future gets a stamp of approval. Read the whole piece right here.

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