Here’s How Several British Atheists Spend Christmas December 24, 2015

Here’s How Several British Atheists Spend Christmas

Huffington Post UK spoke to several prominent atheists who belong to the British Humanist Association and asked them what they plan to do for Christmas.

To the surprise of some I’m sure, none of them said, “Christmas?! Bah, humbug!” (Though a couple came close…)

I love this response from writer/filmmaker Jonathan Meades to the question “Can an atheist celebrate Christmas?”

Should you be so inclined you can drink yourself into a coma and give or receive unwanted presents without having to believe in fairy tales.

Comedian Kate Smurthwaite‘s response also put a smile on my face:

Yes. Of course. I celebrate whatever the hell I like. It’s religions that tell people what they can and can’t do — not atheism. If I want to go to church, then mosque, then temple, I can. I can do what I like.

(Image via Shutterstock. Thanks to Giulio for the link)

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