Police Arrive on Scene After Woman Supposedly Yells “ISIS is Great!” During Sex December 23, 2015

Police Arrive on Scene After Woman Supposedly Yells “ISIS is Great!” During Sex

Of all the troublesome things you could yell out at the height of sexual pleasure — “Mom,” someone else’s name, “I love you” during a one night stand — very few of them would summon the police to your door.

But a Wisconsin woman allegedly screamed some of those words last Sunday night:

ISIS is good, ISIS is great!

After hearing the lusty chanting, an 82-year-old neighbor lady called 9-1-1 and reported the disturbance to the Brown Deer Police.

When asked about the report on Twitter, Police Chief Michael Kass jokingly responded:

Maybe taking see something say something a little to far?

That’s not to say he didn’t take the report seriously. At least I hope he did. Silly story aside, you wouldn’t want to discourage people from calling in potential threats.

Assuming the lady in question wasn’t pledging allegiance to terrorists, and assuming the neighbor actually heard those words (which, at 82, we should take with a grain of salt), I’d suggest these people switch up their routine.

Or at least get new pet names for their genitalia.

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