“Keep Saturn in Saturnalia” Sign Goes Up in Warren, Michigan December 23, 2015

“Keep Saturn in Saturnalia” Sign Goes Up in Warren, Michigan

If you’re visiting Warren, Michigan this week, be sure to check out this banner that reads “Keep Saturn in Saturnalia.”

Saturnalia, held by the Roman Empire, was one of the most famous of the Winter Solstice festivities, which many Christmas traditions are based on. The slogan is meant to be a riff on “Keep Christ in Christmas,” and to remind the public of the real “reason for the season,” the Winter Solstice.

You may recall that the same message went up on a billboard in New Jersey a couple of years ago. It was mildly vandalized and set on fire (though the fire went out quickly). A year later, Clear Channel refused to run the same billboard because they didn’t want to deal with all the hassle.

We’ll see if this new sign lasts.

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