Texas Republican Leader “Just Might Slap” the Next Person Who Wishes Him a “Happy Holidays” December 18, 2015

Texas Republican Leader “Just Might Slap” the Next Person Who Wishes Him a “Happy Holidays”

Santa Claus may be coming to town, but in one Texas home, it seems the Grinch got there first.

Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller (do I even need to mention at this point that he’s a Republican?) took to Facebook with his own brand of Christmas love and cheer, and it’s not terribly loving or cheerful:

Peace on earth, and mercy mild — unless someone mentions “holidays” instead of “Christmas,” in which case we’re going to whack ’em one.

As Raw Story notes, the post got thousands of likes (it’s over 8,000 as of this writing)… but among the additional thousands of comments it generated, many in support, there were saner voices in the mix as well.

Some people tried to reason with Miller, while many just replied to this Grinchitude with the dreaded holiday greeting. Among the commenters wishing him a Happy Holidays?

The Texas Democratic Party:

The link is to the following gif:

There was also this Presbyterian minister.

Sid Miller may think the only way to fight an imaginary War on Christmas is slapping seasonal well-wishers, but it’s good to see that the holiday spirit is not lost on everyone.

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