Oklahoma State Capitol Will Be Home to a Rainbow-Colored Festivus Pole December 17, 2015

Oklahoma State Capitol Will Be Home to a Rainbow-Colored Festivus Pole

Continuing his plan to install rainbow-colored Festivus poles across the country, Florida activist Chaz Stevens just got approval to put one up in the Oklahoma Capitol.

That would be the same place where a Ten Commandments monument got taken down a couple of months ago following a years-long legal battle.

“Out goes the Ten Commandments. In comes the gay pride Festivus pole,” Stevens said. “It’s a beautiful way to talk about 2015.”

John Estus, a spokesman for the Oklahoma Office of Management and Enterprise Services, the agency that oversees state buildings, said Stevens’ application for a display was considered just like any other.

“It’s the same thing as reserving space: You fill out a form, it’s evaluated, and it’s approved or denied,” Estus said. “This is no different than somebody standing with a sign in the rotunda.”

Here’s what you need to remember since Christians will inevitably complain about this: Stevens did everything by the book. If Christians complain, it’ll be because the same rules applied to him and them alike, and they didn’t receive special treatment.

More power to Stevens for showing, in Oklahoma of all places, that when there’s an open forum, there’s no reason Christians should be the only ones taking advantage of it.

Stevens plans to install his pole in several additional states in the weeks to come.

If you’d like to install the pole in your own State Capitol building, Stevens will build and ship a pole to you for $1,000. A portion of the net profits will go toward LGBT causes.
Image used with permission

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