Catholic League’s Bill Donohue: “Christians Own December” December 16, 2015

Catholic League’s Bill Donohue: “Christians Own December”

After CNN’s article about atheists who celebrate the traditions of Christmas without the trappings of religion, you knew the Catholic League’s Bill Donohue would have something to whine about.

I just didn’t realize it would be something I said.

Atheist Herman Mehta insists that “Christians don’t own December.” In fact, we do. Just as blacks own February — it is Black History Month — Christians own December. Atheists own nothing, which is consistent, of course, with what they believe.

I… don’t even know what that means. (I also don’t know who Herman is.)

There’s a difference between acknowledging the contributions of a minority group and acting like the majority’s beliefs are all that matters. If Donohue is mad that a lot of atheists enjoy holiday traditions, just wait until he meets Christians who take their kids to the mall to get a picture with Santa.

If you think he’s just attacking our side, though, you’d be wrong. In fact, he has our best interests at heart:

Atheists are lucky to live in a nation that was founded by Christians imbued with the Judeo-Christian ethos. It’s why we typically afford them more tolerance than its activists show us.

Donohue’s form of tolerance involves flinging shit in every direction and then crying “persecution” when there’s any criticism (or fact-checking) leveled at him. Maybe if he opened up more than one book, he’d realize most of our Founding Fathers would have rejected the beliefs and “values” he holds so dear.

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