A Creationist Planetarium May Soon Be Built in Dallas December 16, 2015

A Creationist Planetarium May Soon Be Built in Dallas

The Institute for Creation Research, a multi-million dollar enterprise that produces no credible research, has big plans for expansion! Because bullshit breeds bullshit.

They plan to add a museum and planetarium to their existing Dallas building. I repeat: A planetarium… dedicated to showing how the universe is only a few thousand years old.

“For several years, I’ve been hesitant to move forward with our hope to build a museum and planetarium in the Dallas/Fort Worth area — in spite of the desperate need — because the funding seemed out of reach,” [CEO Henry Morris III] wrote. “No longer. Just this week, out of the resources of the Lord’s people (unknown to us) came a two-million-dollar gift that provides the ‘go for it’ signal to begin looking for the rest of the millions needed.

“Many of you who read this article have given faithfully of your ‘talents’ and ‘minas’ to share with ICR as we try to ‘enlarge’ the ‘tent.’ ICR’s operational needs will only increase as the reality of the future museum and planetarium comes into existence. The funds to develop and produce the DVD episodes, construct the buildings, stage the exhibits, and continue to research must come from extra gifts.”

The so-called “Dallas Museum of Science and Earth History” is facing some legal hurdles, though, in part because the new space is reserved for “industrial research” and not museums. That’s why ICR officials will plead their case to local government officials very soon as to why the rules should change for them.

Assuming it eventually gets built, though, we’re talking about a well-funded “museum” dedicated to misinforming people about how science works — in a state where science education has already suffered enough.

A flat Earth museum can’t be very far away at this rate.

(Thanks to Patrick for the link)

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