Pastafarians Can Now Perform Weddings in New Zealand December 15, 2015

Pastafarians Can Now Perform Weddings in New Zealand

In New Zealand, where a man named Russell made international headlines last year when he wore a colander for his driver’s license picture to represent his Pastafarian faith, the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster has just made another leap forward.

Adherents are now legally allowed to perform marriage ceremonies.

The church’s chief office-bearer and 10 members applied.

They included a statutory declaration made before a solicitor and the “objects of the church”.

The application was approved under a sub-section of the Marriages Act, satisfying the registrar-general that the principal object of the organisation was to uphold or promote religious beliefs, philosophical or humanitarian convictions.

Registrar-general of births, deaths and marriages Jeff Montgomery’s decision said the church applied in November for approval as an organisation to solemnise marriages.

“As registrar-general it is my role to apply the relevant legislation. In this case, my decision can only be based on whether the organisation upholds or promotes religious beliefs, or philosophical or humanitarian convictions.

“No judgment is made on the validity of those beliefs or convictions.”

So far, no one has requested a Flying Spaghetti Monster wedding. But whenever it happens, at least the cost per plate ought to be low.

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