James Dobson: Christians Have “Lost The Entire Culture War” Now That Marriage Equality Is Legal December 15, 2015

James Dobson: Christians Have “Lost The Entire Culture War” Now That Marriage Equality Is Legal

This year has been a big one for LGBT rights, most notably after the Supreme Court legalized marriage equality nationwide. As huge a step as that was, LGBT advocates know there are many more hurdles to full equality, like workplace and housing protections, equal rights for transgender people, and tackling the crisis of LGBT youth homelessness.

But evangelical Christian leader James Dobson isn’t thinking about any of that other stuff. In his mind, it’s all over.

Dobson recently appeared on Andrew Wommack’s The Gospel Truth TV program, where he declared that, with the SCOTUS decision, anti-LGBT Christians have “lost the entire culture war.”

Here’s the clip, courtesy of Right Wing Watch:

Dobson said:

I had a black cloud over me after June 26 when that decision was handed down… What had hit me is that that decision is not really about gay marriage. It’s not. It’s about everything else. It’s about the entire culture war. It’s about control of the public schools. It’s what happens in universities, including your own. There will be pressure on you, I’m sure. I know you’ll resist it, but it’s going to be there, I’m sure. And it’s about the economy, and it’s about business, and it’s about the military, and it’s about medicine. It’s about everything. We lost the entire culture war with that one decision. And the gay marriage thing was just a part of it, but it’s going to touch every dimension.

He’s right about a lot of that: Marriage equality will change the world in a lot of ways. It will affect public schools (because students will be introduced to more inclusive curriculum), and business (because same-sex couples can contribute a lot of money to the wedding industry!), and medicine (because same-sex couples will now have healthcare options, hospital visitation rights, and other benefits they were previously denied), and many, many other fields.

And every one of them is a good thing — not just for LGBT people, but for society overall.

So, that’s it?! One important mission accomplished. Does this mean we can go back to fighting for fully equal rights without interruption?

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