Atheist Adopt-A-Highway Signs in Texas Riddled with Bullets December 15, 2015

Atheist Adopt-A-Highway Signs in Texas Riddled with Bullets

While we’re talking about the Orange County Atheists of Texas, you may recall that the group began taking part in the Adopt-a-Highway program back in October. But within two weeks of their official signs going up on the road, they were vandalized. Someone had painted “I

The signs were eventually replaced, but the issue was serious enough that the group actually raised money to purchase cameras to catch future acts of vandalism.

Over the weekend, as members went to go install those cameras, they noticed that their new signs had also been ruined. This time, there were bullet holes in them:


Clara Luna, who took those pictures, is trying to understand the culprits’ message:

how is this loving and godly? If you are xtian and find this wrong then I ask that you publicly speak out against this. Shame and ridicule those doing this. Make it be known that this hatred and behavior isn’t right!

That’s not to say silent Christians condone this behavior — or even that Christians were responsible for this particular act — but it’s hard to explain why atheists volunteering to help the community would pose such a threat to people unless they believe God and goodness have to go together.

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