Ted Cruz Refuses to Criticize Donald Trump for His Anti-Muslim Proposal December 9, 2015

Ted Cruz Refuses to Criticize Donald Trump for His Anti-Muslim Proposal

On Monday, Senator Ted Cruz demonstrated his ardent commitment to preserving religious freedom, lamenting about “what kind of country are we living in” where a Christian teenager’s religious freedoms are not protected. It was clear that his commitment to religious freedom was greater than his commitment to reality, since that story was completely bogus.

Just one day later, when asked about Donald Trump‘s proposal to ban all Muslim immigrants, Cruz’s response seemed to indicate that he may not be so committed to that whole religious freedom thing after all.

At least, not for Muslims.

When questioned about Trump’s suggestion, Cruz allowed himself a tepid, “I do not agree with his proposal. I do not think it is the right solution.” But he wasn’t keen to criticize Trump or his proposal any further. On the contrary, he might not have agreed with the suggestion, but he declared, “I do not believe the world needs my voice added to that chorus of critics.” Not only that, but Cruz found something commendable about the whole situation:

And listen, I commend Donald Trump for standing up and focusing America’s attention on the need to secure our borders.

It’s hard to imagine a supposed staunch defender of religious freedom finding something commendable about such an egregious disregard for that liberty. It’s equally hard to imagine that Cruz would treat the proposal as indifferently if it targeted Christians rather than Muslims.

Like the too-good-to-be-true offers on TV, Cruz’s version of religious freedom comes with some pretty hefty disclaimers. Terms and conditions apply, not all religions qualify. See Senator Cruz for details.

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