Christian Right Leader Bryan Fischer Wants to Pay Muslims to Leave the Country December 9, 2015

Christian Right Leader Bryan Fischer Wants to Pay Muslims to Leave the Country

Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association has a problem with Donald Trump‘s plan to ban Muslims from entering the country: He doesn’t think it goes far enough.

On his show yesterday, Fischer explained that we also need to get the Muslims who are in the country out of the country. And if we need to pay them to leave, so be it:

Let’s use American resources to help these people find a home in the Muslim world… I suggested that we assist Muslims in America with repatriation costs. Let’s help them find a home in the Muslim world. They can live in a place that shares their values, that shares their religious principles, that shares their religious practice, that shares their cultural customs. They can be at home, don’t have to chafe against our liberty, don’t have to chafe against our Judeo-Christian values system. They can be at home. And I believe we ought to be content to use our resources to help them get there.

Ask Muslims in the U.S. what values they hold and what religious principles they have, and I promise you their answers will be virtually indistinguishable from Christians — and atheists, for that matter. They won’t all be in lockstep, but they sure as hell won’t be rooting for Sharia Law, death for “infidels,” or whatever other things Fischer assumes all Muslims want.

If they wanted to be in a Muslim country, they would be there already. They live in the U.S. because this is where they want to be. This is their home.

What’s important to note here is not that Fischer said something batshit insane. We’re used to that. What’s important is that Fischer and the Christian Right — along with a good portion of the Republican base — find Trump’s ideas fantastic. They’re not distancing themselves from his bigotry and xenophobia because they’re bigots and xenophobes themselves.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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