Artists Called to Submit Proposals for Non-Religious Holiday Display in New Haven (CT) December 9, 2015

Artists Called to Submit Proposals for Non-Religious Holiday Display in New Haven (CT)

Whenever we hear about Nativity scenes on public property, and secular displays put up in response, we’re usually talking about something snarky or explicitly non-theistic. A banner with an in-your-face message, a Satanic display featuring a not-so-well-known Bible verse, a secular Nativity featuring the Bill of Rights, etc.

In New Haven, Connecticut, the Yale Humanist Community has put out a call for artists to create a special installation that would go up on the town green every year and offers something positive to the community:

Here’s what the Yale humanists have in mind for what they’re calling their Green Light Project: They want something that includes light, to represent humanity’s ability to create light and warmth during the cold, dark season of winter, and something interactive in a place where people can gather. They want a time capsule so people can leave their hopes and dreams written down for future generations, which means the capsule must withstand tough winters.

Maybe more importantly, they’re not fooling around here. There’s a $40,000 budget they’re offering for both parts of the display and a detailed explanation of what they’re looking for and what you need to do to apply.

For those of you with artistic skills — so I’m taking myself out of the running — this is your chance to create something that will return year after year.

(Image via Shutterstock. Thanks to Tom for the link)

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