Pastor Inadvertently Says He Invited Creationist to Speak at Church to “Contradict Education” December 8, 2015

Pastor Inadvertently Says He Invited Creationist to Speak at Church to “Contradict Education”

On Saturday night, Rev. Paul E. Veit spoke to New Life Community Church in Pennsylvania all about Creationism. While none of that is particularly newsworthy, it’s a bit entertaining to learn why “Dr. Dino” was brought in to speak to the church members:

Dave Elick, pastor of New Life Community Church, said he brought in Veit to “contradict education” especially for younger people.

That may be the best explanation I’ve ever heard for Creationism: It “contradicts education.” Just as it contradicts “facts” and “reality.”

Go on, pastor:

“We are flooded with information and people can care less,” Elick said.

There are too many facts out there! We can’t handle this much information!

Look, I know bullshit is sticky, but you’re not supposed to treat it like glue, throwing it into the knowledge mix, hoping everything magically sticks together.

And it’s true: People in that church think little of science already, but they could literally care less. So Veit was brought in to make sure their disdain for science reached new lows.

[Elick] claimed that education in modern America presents evolution and not creationism. “People need to do their due diligence.”

Schools teach evolution instead of Creationism because all the facts point only in one direction. It’s the same reason we teach children chemistry instead of alchemy and astronomy instead of astrology. Just because some topics are shut out of the conversation doesn’t mean the kids are missing out on anything important. Those topics are left out because they offer nothing of value to the children.

Creationism is a meal with no nutritional value. That’s why a McChurch is the only appropriate place to serve it.

(Image via Thanks to Randy for the link)

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