How Exactly Would Donald Trump’s Plan to Ban Muslims from Entering the U.S. Work? December 7, 2015

How Exactly Would Donald Trump’s Plan to Ban Muslims from Entering the U.S. Work?

I have a few questions for Donald Trump, who said today that he wants to ban Muslims from entering our country:

How exactly do you build a wall around an ideology instead of a border?

Do you realize that this sort of proposal strengthens, not destroys, groups like ISIS?

How do you know who’s a Muslim and who’s not?

Is Muslim just code for brown people?

Do you understand that some people who immigrate from a Middle Eastern nation aren’t Muslim?

What’s to prevent Muslims from lying on their immigration forms?

In a Republican field with Mike Huckabee, Ted Cruz, and Ben Carson, how extreme do you have to be to be known as the Bigoted One?

Do you realize you just answered Sen. Marco Rubio‘s question, “Where is there widespread evidence that we have a problem in America with discrimination against Muslims?”

How little do you care about your fellow Americans that you’re willing to throw entire groups of them under the bus to further your own campaign?

What would your reaction be if Hillary Clinton said the same thing about Christian immigrants following the Planned Parenthood shooting?

Which non-white, Christian group will you want to ban next?

How has the Republican Party not disavowed you entirely?

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