Anti-Abortion Activist Says Goal of Sting Videos Was to “Destroy” Planned Parenthood December 7, 2015

Anti-Abortion Activist Says Goal of Sting Videos Was to “Destroy” Planned Parenthood

By now, it’s pretty clear that the debunked Planned Parenthood “baby parts” sting videos were not part of an honest exposé, but rather heavily manipulated propaganda designed to evoke the desired reaction against Planned Parenthood.

The edited and misleading parts have already been established. In a sermon from September, Troy Newman described his and other activists’ goals for the videos. Newman is a long time abortion foe (“pro-life” seems too bizarre a term for someone who wants abortion doctors executed). He’s both president of anti-abortion group “Operation Rescue” and a board member for the “Center for Medical Progress” group that released the videos. (He’s also a Ted Cruz supporter; I still haven’t figured out who gets the worse end of that deal.)

The goal of those videos, in Newman’s own words, was simple: to destroy Planned Parenthood.

We said, ‘Look, if we just get on Fox News’ — and we were on Fox News, we were on there a couple weeks ago — ‘if we just got a bunch of YouTube video hits or something, if, you know, people are talking about — we would consider it a failure.’ The first and foremost thing is we wanted prosecutions. We want prosecutions, want to defund them, and, finally, we want to completely destroy the entity called Planned Parenthood. And we’re well on our way.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, considering the blatant dishonesty the group has employed in conjunction with the extreme anti-abortion views of those involved. The complete disregard for truth made it pretty clear from the beginning that these propaganda videos were driven solely by an anti-choice agenda. But we also know that, with the wishful thinking about prosecutions, Newman’s vendetta against abortion providers — not to mention the women who rely on Planned Parenthood for services that have nothing to do with abortions — hasn’t disappeared.

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