Missouri Legislator Proposes Bill to Make Buying Guns as Difficult as Obtaining Abortions December 4, 2015

Missouri Legislator Proposes Bill to Make Buying Guns as Difficult as Obtaining Abortions

Missouri State Rep. Stacey Newman, a Democrat, pre-filed a bill (HB 1397) that would force gun owners to go through the same process that women in her state are subjected to when they want to obtain an abortion.

“Since Missouri holds the rank as one of the strictest abortion regulation states in the country, it is logical we borrow similar restrictions to lower our horrific gun violence rates,” Newman said in a statement.

Among the proposed requirements for purchasers of weapons:

Be required to view a thirty minute video on fatal firearm injuries, as collected by urban medical professionals, law enforcement, and local prosecutors, and verify in writing he or she viewed the entire video in the presence of a licensed firearm dealer. Such video shall be approved by the department of public safety;

Verify in writing by a licensed physician that the purchaser has toured an emergency trauma center in the nearest qualified urban hospital on a weekend between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. when gun violence victims are present.

Within seventy-two hours of a firearm purchase, the prospective firearm purchaser shall meet with at least two families who have been victims of violence involving a firearm and two local faith leaders who have officiated, within the past year, a funeral of a victim of violence involving a firearm who was under the age of eighteen.

Obviously, this bill is just meant to provoke conservatives who think unborn fetuses need more protection than living people, but it raises a fair point. Gun owners would find it absurd to have to jump through all these loopholes. So why do many of their allies in the State legislature find it necessary for women to go through the same process?

By the way, if her name is familiar, it may be because Newman once tried passing a bill limiting vasectomies to cases when a man’s life or health was in jeopardy. (That one didn’t pass, either.)

Now that’s a politician who knows how to make her points effectively.

(Thanks to Scott for the link)

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