American Christian Divorces Himself from American Christianity December 4, 2015

American Christian Divorces Himself from American Christianity

John Pavlovitz, a self-described “18-year ministry veteran,” says he’s sick and tired of what Christianity has become in this country and he wants nothing to do with it anymore:

I’ve outgrown the expectation that my faith is the sole property of a political party.
I’ve outgrown violent bigotry and xenophobia disguised as Biblical obedience.
I’ve outgrown God wrapped in a flag and soaked in rabid nationalism.
I’ve outgrown the incessant attacks on the Gay, Muslim, and Atheist communities.
I’ve outgrown theology as a hammer always looking for a nail.

That is not what this thing is. This is FoxNews and red cup protests and persecution complexes. It’s opulent, big box megachurches and coddled, untouchable celebrity pastors. It’s pop culture boycotts and manufactured outrage. It’s just wars and justified shootings. It’s all manner of bullying and intolerance in the name of Jesus.

More power to him for saying the things those of us outside the Christian Bubble have been saying for years.

But it won’t stop unless more Christians who share his views speak out in the same way, walk out of the churches who promote this Culture War mentality, and take their families and friends with them. It won’t stop unless those Christians call out their own online where this persecution complex spreads.

I appreciate this rant, but I’ve heard it before. And everyone applauds it. And then the very same people go right back to choosing silence on marriage equality, promoting sex-negativity, acting like they’re above it all when we need oppositional voices, etc.

So this is a good start. But let’s not pretend it’s much more than that yet.

(Thanks to Mark for the link)

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