Animal Shelter Founder Claims to Speak with Your Dead Pets December 3, 2015

Animal Shelter Founder Claims to Speak with Your Dead Pets

The Great Dane Sanctuary, an animal shelter in Wisconsin, must be a pretty special place, given that the animals who die communicate with one of the founders:

Being an animal communicator I often have the opportunity to visit with the spirits of animals that have pass. They tell me we humans should not fear death, it is just passing on to another place. I do not feel sorry for an animal when it passes, it is us humans I feel for. It about tears our heart out and we shed many tears. I still shed tears for my very first Dane from 40 years ago. Ann

Obviously, my heart goes out to Ann and the people who know these animals. It’s never easy to lose a pet, and we all have different ways to grieve.

But sentiment aside, it’s just silly to think the spirits of animals (or anyone, for that matter) are communicating with you. Even if those spirits send a generic message that’s supposed to make humans feel better, it’s irresponsible to tell readers you can speak with their dead pets.

One fan of their website attempted to pass along the same message, only to be told he just doesn’t have the right kind of love for these animals:

My heart goes out to you, may you some day find the love and joy that resides within the animals. They have much love to give you.

So if you live in the real world, then you must be loveless and joyless.

By the way, the same founder who wrote that message posted a link to her side business. She’ll talk to your dead pets for a $100. (She’s available for parties for $300.) Totally legit, I’m sure.

That’s how much she’ll charge to lie to customers who are desperate for false hope. Despicable.

(Thanks to Russell for the link)

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