What Neil deGrasse Tyson Will Do If a Kid Asks a Stupid Question December 2, 2015

What Neil deGrasse Tyson Will Do If a Kid Asks a Stupid Question

There are plenty of videos out there of Neil deGrasse Tyson giving the Greatest. Response. Ever. to a child.

So it’s only natural that Clickhole uncovered the one time he really tore into a kid who said she wanted to live on Jupiter:

The epic science burn happened toward the end of one of Neil’s lectures at the Hayden Planetarium in New York last weekend. Third-grader Liza Collins was attending the lecture with her parents, and during the Q&A session, she raised her hand and told Neil that she wanted to live on Jupiter. But Neil wasn’t about to let her — and her bunk science — off the hook.

What happened next was nothing short of pure NdT gold.

“Hold on, you want to live where?” Tyson said. “On a planet made entirely of unbreathable gases? One that doesn’t even have a rocky surface you could stand on? A planet that would take you six years to even get to? That’s where you want to live? Because that’s Jupiter. Enjoy your great new home!”

Needless to say, the girl had ZERO response!

And just wait till you see him mock her on Twitter.

Sure, some will call it “satire,” but we all know it’s just Tyson letting out what he obviously keeps bubbled up inside.

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