Senator Has Message for Those Who Offer “Thoughts” and “Prayers,” but No Action, After Shooting December 2, 2015

Senator Has Message for Those Who Offer “Thoughts” and “Prayers,” but No Action, After Shooting

At least Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) gets it:

The Atlantic‘s Emma Green also points out that there’s a big difference between the Republican presidential candidates who are only offering thoughts and prayer — and nothing else — and the Democrats who say we must take meaningful action:

There’s a clear claim being made here, and one with an edge: Democrats care about doing something and taking action while Republicans waste time offering meaningless prayers. These two reactions, policy-making and praying, are portrayed as mutually exclusive, coming from totally contrasting worldviews.

I’m willing to give leeway to those who call for prayer but know that it must be followed by action. It’s silly to me that they won’t cut out the useless middle step, but as long as the end goal is to get something done, fine.

Instead, all the Republicans have to offer is more weapons in the hands of damn near everyone who wants them. There may be several ways to go about solving our nation’s gun problems, but the “G”OP insists on doing nothing, as if that’s finally going to work even though it never has in the past.

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