Front Page of the New York Daily News: “God Isn’t Fixing This” December 2, 2015

Front Page of the New York Daily News: “God Isn’t Fixing This”


The New York Daily News just posted tomorrow’s front page, and it’s a direct response to all those politicians who only offer “thoughts” and “prayers” after a mass shooting… but refuse to do anything substantive:


Prayers aren’t working.

Another mass shooting prompted another round of silence Wednesday from GOP presidential candidates on the issue of gun control.

Instead, while the Democratic presidential wannabes were calling for stricter gun laws in the wake of the San Bernardino massacre, the Republicans were preaching about prayer.

It’s all they ever have to offer, isn’t it? And it doesn’t make one damn bit of difference.

By the way, do your self a favor and check out the Twitter feed of Igor Volsky, who’s pointing out how much money all of those “thoughts and prayers” politicians have received from the NRA.

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