The Onion Nails the Heart of the Abortion Discussion in America December 1, 2015

The Onion Nails the Heart of the Abortion Discussion in America

Just as Jon Stewart‘s Daily Show became a news source worth its salt, The Onion, despite its satirical roots, points out an absurdity within the otherwise horrific Planned Parenthood shooting story:

Expressing frustration with the lack of convenient locations in his area, deranged gunman and anti-abortion fanatic Jared Broussard reported Monday that he could not believe how far he would have to drive to find the nearest Planned Parenthood clinic. “You have to be kidding me; I figured I’d need to go 10, maybe 15 miles, tops, but the closest one is almost 250 miles away,” said a visibly exasperated Broussard…

At a time when the Supreme Court is hearing a case on the laws that would restrict this fictional man’s access to accessible health care centers and in a moment when some anti-choice proponents are celebrating the horrific actions of the Colorado shooter, The Onion just accomplished what the mainstream media refuses to do: cut through the bullshit with surgical precision.

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