Donald Trump Met with Pastor Who Believes Starbucks Lattes Contain the “Semen of Sodomites” December 1, 2015

Donald Trump Met with Pastor Who Believes Starbucks Lattes Contain the “Semen of Sodomites”

Yesterday, Donald Trump held a highly-publicized/total-flameout meeting with several black ministers in an effort to show how much their community supports him.

In a revelation that will surprise absolutely none of you, one of those pastors was James David Manning, better known as the guy who thinks Starbucks’ lattes contain the “semen of sodomites.” Manning also uses anti-gay slurs when referring to people in the LGBT community. Because that’s what Christ would do.

Manning once likened Obama, America’s first black president, to Adolf Hitler and has frequently said the president is secretly gay. After Monday’s meeting, Manning pledged his support for Trump.

“Mr. Trump realizes why black people are going to vote for him,” Manning said. “He is truthful — forget about him not being politically correct. He loves America, I believe that he does.”

Makes perfect sense. They both live in a conspiracy-laden world completely walled off from reality, in which anything they say is automatically true because they said it. If you push back against them, it only builds up their own persecution complex.

Of course, if anyone brings this up, Trump will just claim he has no idea who Manning is. That’s what he does. His World’s Greatest Memory fades away the moment he has to recall something that could make him look bad.

(via Joe. My. God.)

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