Stop Mocking Tim Tebow for Choosing to Remain Abstinent November 29, 2015

Stop Mocking Tim Tebow for Choosing to Remain Abstinent

Tim Tebow, the NFL quarterback arguably better known for his religious convictions, was reportedly dumped by former Miss USA and Miss Universe Olivia Culpo because he wouldn’t give up his virginity for her. (Because Jesus.)

According to an anonymous source close to Culpo (so you know it’s reliable):

He was really into her, he was sending her love letters and cute notes and professing his love for her.

She had to break up with him because she just couldn’t handle it. He still hits her up, but she just can’t deal with the sex thing. He’s pretty adamant about it, I guess.

Since the news broke, Tebow’s chastity has been the basis for all sorts of criticism. Consider the puns being made about how Tebow “still can’t find the end zone,” and how, like Tebow, his girlfriend is “having trouble scoring.” Or the suggestion that he’s “making a big freakin’ mistake here.”

Regardless of his ultra-masculine physique and having won the Heisman Trophy, there are people insistent on shaming him for being able to control his sexual urges in the presence of a gorgeous woman. This particular article shared a full-body shot of Culpo in a bikini, as if to emphasize that breaking his convictions is not only excusable, it’s expected.

NFL stars, especially over the past few years, have frequently been in the news on charges of domestic abuse. Shouldn’t we save the contempt and disgust for the men who knock their partners out instead of the guy who chooses not to touch a woman?

The only voices in support of Tebow’s abstinence seem to be religious bloggers, including *disgusted face* Joshua Feuerstein. Never in my life did I think I’d side with Feuerstein over anything. I’ll go cry in the shower as soon as I’m done typing.

We shouldn’t leave it up to the religious to defend their own in this case. Bodily autonomy is a completely separate issue. Even without his faith, his choice to not have sex with someone shouldn’t be ridiculed, just as someone’s choice to have sex shouldn’t be. How preposterous would this story seem if religion weren’t in the mix?

Although his reasons for abstaining make me roll my eyes, I fully support whatever decision he makes for himself as well as privacy over the whole matter. His commitment to his convictions is admirable. It’s almost expected these days (Josh Duggar) that those who flaunt religious morality (Josh Duggar) fall guilty to the hypocrisy test (Duggar Duggar). In the case of Tebow, he’s clearly walking the walk.

Best of luck to him on his quest to find a woman who mirrors his life choices.

And to Olivia Culpo: you should consider finding new friends. A true pal wouldn’t gossip about your sex(less) life to the tabloids.

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