After Planned Parenthood Shooting, Republican Presidential Candidates Remain Silent November 28, 2015

After Planned Parenthood Shooting, Republican Presidential Candidates Remain Silent

Even though we don’t know exactly why Robert Lewis Dear walked into a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood with an “assault-style rifle” yesterday, killing one police officer and two civilians, surely you can have sympathy for the staffers and patients inside that facility, right?

Hillary Clinton did:

Bernie Sanders did:

As of this writing, however, not a single Republican Presidential candidate has made any public statements about the incident.

That’s hardly surprising. We’re talking about candidates vying for votes from people who love guns no matter whose hands they’re in, hate abortion even if women’s lives are in danger, and think the biggest thing we have to fear on our soil are radical Muslims terrorists.

Reality, in this case, doesn’t fit any of the narratives of their campaigns.

So instead of showing some basic human decency for the victims of a domestic shooting, they’re opting for silence. Unlike President Obama, they haven’t even acknowledged this tragedy happened yet.

***Update***: Ted Cruz finally issued a response:

***Update 2***: Mike Huckabee issued this odd response:

(via Talking Points Memo)

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