Republican Who Said Autism Was Result of God’s Anger Over Gay Marriage Will Run for Congress Again November 26, 2015

Republican Who Said Autism Was Result of God’s Anger Over Gay Marriage Will Run for Congress Again

Susanne Atanus (below), the Illinois Republican who told a newspaper in 2014 that God put autism and dementia on Earth as punishment for marriage equality and abortion, lost her bid for Congress that year.

But she’s going to try again anyway, even if the Republican Party wants nothing to do with her.

Atanus told the Daily Herald in January of 2014:

“I am a conservative Republican and I believe in God first,” Atanus said. She said she believes God controls the weather and has put tornadoes and diseases such as autism and dementia on earth as punishment for gay rights and legalized abortions.

Atanus’ comments were so despicable that GOP officials asked her to drop out of the race. It didn’t work. She won her primary, lost the race to Democrat incumbent Rep. Jan Schakowsky, and the Republicans lost a chance to pick up another seat in the House.

I guess I should be thrilled, then, that Atanus announced she’ll run again next year:

Susanne Atanus filed petition signatures Monday to get on the ballot as a Republican candidate in the 9th Congressional District.

Cook County GOP Chairman Aaron Del Mar says someone with the party will “for sure” challenge Atanus’ petitions in an attempt to get her removed from the race.

“We will not support her at all,” Del Mar said. “We don’t want anything to do with her.”

That’s right. They won’t support her. They’re too busy supporting the candidates who think Mexican immigrants are rapists, that Joseph built the pyramids in order to store grain, and that being gay is a choice. Given the Presidential candidates in the Republican Party, Atanus is hardly out of place on the Right. “God did whatever idiotic thing I’m about to say next” is practically their slogan.

Schakowsky, I assume, is thrilled at her entrance into the race.

(via Raw Story)

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