Maryland Elementary School Deflects All Responsibility After Pastor Delivers Prayer at Assembly November 25, 2015

Maryland Elementary School Deflects All Responsibility After Pastor Delivers Prayer at Assembly

Sabillasville Elementary School in Maryland held a 50th anniversary celebration last week. For some reason, Bob Kells, pastor at Weller United Methodist Church, was invited to speak to the students.

Take a wild guess what happened!

If you said, “he invoked the name of God,” then you’re smarter than Principal Kate Krietz, who allegedly had no clue what Kells would say to the students. Officials for the Frederick County Public Schools are now trying to deflect any blame, claiming no one knew this would happen, and refusing to do anything to get to the bottom of the story.

School spokesman Michael Doerrer said the invocation was a mistake and not in line with the school system’s policy on religious expression.

Doerrer said he did not know if the principal, Kate Krietz, was aware of what the pastor would say in the invocation.

Doerrer refused to contact Krietz to verify whether she was aware of details of the invocation.

Krietz declined a phone interview through a Sabillasville Elementary staff member.

Doerrer declined to discuss whether anyone at the school would be disciplined for infringing on the religion policy.

Does anyone in the District take responsibility for anything?

Meanwhile, Kells thinks he did everyone a favor:

“My objective was to prepare some remarks in the invocation accessible to people of many, many faith traditions,” Kells said. “I’d like to believe that I accomplished that.”

He’s lying to himself since he didn’t accomplish that at all. His invocation, which included the phrase, “we pray to the glory of your name,” was obviously referring to his Christian God. He didn’t give a damn about the students’ beliefs — or their parents’ wishes. But the administrators are paid to do just that, yet no one is taking any action after allowing a pastor to lead students in prayer.

If the Frederick News-Post hadn’t inquired about the issue, you can bet they would have avoided addressing the problem at all.

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