Jeb Bush: Names and Birth Certificates Can Prove Syrian Refugees are Christian November 24, 2015

Jeb Bush: Names and Birth Certificates Can Prove Syrian Refugees are Christian

It appears as though Republican presidential candidates can’t help themselves; bigot is just their default setting.

The latest in a seemingly never-ending river of right wing noxious drivel comes from a candidate desperately trying to keep a doomed campaign running. During a radio interview in New Hampshire, the beleaguered Jeb Bush doubled down on his “ONLY SAVE THE CHRISTIANS” rhetoric regarding Syrian refugees, saying:

You can tell when someone is a Christian in the Middle East. I can promise you that. By name, by where they’re born, their birth certificates. There are ample means by which to know this.

Yes, he actually said that. Because apparently if your name doesn’t sound like “John Smith,” you can’t possibly be a Christian. And if your Syrian family indicates that you are a Muslim when completing your birth certificate, you are obviously a fundamentalist. And apparently it’s impossible for you to change your worldview once it has been assigned at infancy. Because duh.

These comments are undeniably disgusting, but they also demonstrate the lack of coherent thought behind the GOP’s anti-Muslim stance on refugees. Bush says that you can tell if someone’s a Christian based on where they’re born, right? Syria’s population is overwhelmingly Muslim, right? Under Bush “logic,” this would indicate that Syrian refugees claiming to be Christians are not to be believed, running counter to his claims (and actual data) about Christians being persecuted within that nation and effectively morphing his “only Christian refugees” stance to “no refugees at all.”

Of course, critical thinking isn’t a priority to Bush or his supporters, so this isn’t all that surprising. Odds are no one calls him out on it. Odds are that if someone does call him out, he’ll accuse the media of being biased or some other such go-to excuse for GOP candidates. Odds are this nonsense unfortunately has little to no impact on his electability.

Who needs facts or intelligence in a President, anyway?

Go home, America. You’re drunk.

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