Dr. Ben Carson, Breaking the Irony Meter, Says He Doesn’t Want Ideologues in Public Office November 23, 2015

Dr. Ben Carson, Breaking the Irony Meter, Says He Doesn’t Want Ideologues in Public Office

In a recent interview with the New York Times, Dr. Ben Carson explained his views on everything from vaccine efficacy to Creationism. It’ll make your head explode if you let it.

The Republican Presidential candidate says he’s a Creationist, though not necessarily a Young Earth Creationist, as if that’s really any better. He accepts that vaccines work, though he thinks they could be administered on a more spaced out timetable, contrary to what experts say is healthy for babies.

But maybe the oddest thing he said involved who he wanted to see running for public office:

I would like to see more physicians, scientists, engineers serving in public office because they are taught to make decisions based on evidence as opposed to on ideology.

And we have so many ideologues now, and it makes it very difficult to get things done because an ideologue will just assume that their belief is correct.

So the guy who thinks the pyramids were built to store grain and that being gay is a choice (because “a lot of people… go into prison straight, and when they come out they’re gay”) wants to see more critically thinking people running for public office in order to drive out all those ideologues who believe in nonsense despite what the facts say.

In other words, Ben Carson would like to see more Ben Carsons in public office, driving out the Ben Carsons who are already in public office.

Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised. That makes as much sense as all of his other contradictory views.

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