What It’s Like for a Muslim Woman Whose Family Wants Her Dead November 21, 2015

What It’s Like for a Muslim Woman Whose Family Wants Her Dead

Robert Evans, writing for Cracked, spoke with a Muslim woman going by the pseudonym of “Azime” about what it’s like living in a family that wants her dead because she’s not fully devout and submissive.

For example, she’s very worried about being the victim of an “honor killing”:

Azime is a woman in her mid-20s living in the Netherlands. Despite the fact that her home country has an international reputation for marijuana, prostitution, and general unchained leftism, she lives in mortal fear that her family will find out she dates boys and listens to American music. We’re not exaggerating about the “mortal” part of that.

The scariest part of the article is that Azime fears going on vacation with her family because it could easily be a ruse to get rid of her without anyone noticing.

It can take a long time for the government to realize a woman is missing. After all, European kids go off backpacking all the time, spending months on end stinking up the hostels in other countries. By the time it becomes clear a young woman isn’t on holiday, it can be too late. After talking with the police and that NGO, Azime was told that Step 1 was:

“‘Don’t go on vacation again with your parents.’ So I haven’t. My grandma died two months ago; my whole family went over. … It was so extremely hard not to go. It’s still my family, and I still love a lot of them — my grandma was this sweet old kind lady who loved all her grandchildren to bits. And I couldn’t go, because it was just too much of a risk for me as a person to go with my family.”

Evans closes the piece by noting how, weeks after he began talking to Azime, she stopped responding to him altogether. There’s no sign of where she is or why she abruptly halted all communication with him.

Let’s hope she’s okay.

(Thanks to Nick for the link)

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