Aliens May Have Played a Role in Human History, Says This Book for Kids November 21, 2015

Aliens May Have Played a Role in Human History, Says This Book for Kids

It’s bad enough that the History Channel has a reputation for promoting complete nonsense, but a book on ancient aliens targeting children? Do you need any more proof that they have no educational mission whatsoever?

What really happened to the dinosaurs? Who actually built the ancient pyramids in Egypt? Are airplanes really as modern as we think they are? This book takes a close look at landmark events throughout history and asks the question: What if aliens were involved?

Blogger Jason Colavito is rightly outraged by the obvious money grab that does away with any sense of responsibility to children:

If the History Channel promoted a book of “Creationism for Kids” or “Why Vaccines Will Kill You,” would anyone consider it a trusted resource or stock it alongside serious nonfiction for educating kids?

The volume suggests that children can aspire to grow up to be ancient astronaut theorists, and it makes use of bastardized popular anthropology to do so, referring to ancient and non-Western peoples as “primitive cultures.”

The volume, credited online to author Don Steinberg, an author of disposable nonfiction of no great seriousness, informs young readers that NASA is engaged in a conspiracy to hide the truth about aliens from the public and that Neil Armstrong helped to cover up evidence of aliens on the moon.

That’s all in the realm of possibility when you’re the History Channel, I guess…

If you ever find your kids watching their shows, do yourself a favor by changing the channel to something that won’t rot their brains as much. Like Fox News.

(Thanks to Terry for the link)

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