Pennsylvania Legislator Tells Church Crowd “We Need to Turn Our Nation Back to God” November 18, 2015

Pennsylvania Legislator Tells Church Crowd “We Need to Turn Our Nation Back to God”

During a PrayUSA event sponsored by the Pennsylvania Prayer Caucus Network and the Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation, State Rep. Rick Saccone told the audience that what we really need in this country is more religion. As if there’s not enough of it already.

Saccone said the nation needs to return to God through prayer. Prayer, he said, is the best way to keep the United States from continuing its slide into a “culture of chaos and destructive behavior.”

Saccone said there’s examples all across the country of people being persecuted for their beliefs. Football coaches get in trouble for praying with their players, students get in trouble for praying in school and groups look to impede on people’s religious liberties.

It’s always sad when an elected official — someone who was selected by the citizens to get shit done — tells voters their best hope is to ask for help from someone who will literally do nothing for them.

And he’s just plain wrong when it comes to the “persecution” narrative. Football coaches at public schools aren’t being paid to proselytize to their kids and Saccone would know that if Muslim coaches made the headlines instead of Christian ones. Students have never gotten into trouble for praying in school, and atheists everywhere would defend their right to do so. And the groups he thinks “impede” religious liberties are only guilty of asking for equal treatment under the law, not special privileges.

Saccone knows what special privilege looks like because he has a longstanding habit of promoting his religion through the government.

He sponsored a “Year of the Bible” resolution in 2012, promoted a “National Fast Day” in 2013, and later pushed for every classroom in the state to post the words “In God We Trust” on the walls.

He loves to push his religion on others, but complains when others try to do the same to him. (Even though, like I said, they’re not even doing that.)

“God has always been a part of our government and our culture, and we have forgotten that,” Saccone said.

Right… Christians have it rough. To quote Jon Stewart, “maybe one day there can be an openly Christian President. Or, perhaps, 43 of them. Consecutively.”

Religion’s not going away anytime soon. What Saccone doesn’t understand — or just doesn’t care about — is that there are people in this country who want nothing to do with his God and we’re tired of our government acting like those beliefs are completely irrelevant.

(Screenshot via YouTube. Thanks to Brian for the link)

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