The Catholic Church Says the Virgin Mary Has Been Seen with a “High Degree of Certainty” in These Places November 15, 2015

The Catholic Church Says the Virgin Mary Has Been Seen with a “High Degree of Certainty” in These Places

National Geographic has a cover story this month on the significance and legacy of the Virgin Mary — or at least the idea of her. There’s no denying a lot of people in this world believe she’s real and continue to see “visions” of her everywhere.

The article mentions a website called, which chronicles all those “visions,” and there’s a graphic of all the places where she’s been sighted. As if she’s Bigfoot.

Take a look at the map, a portion of which is below. I don’t care about the light blue dots representing where people claim to have seen her. Check out all of the red dots, where the Vatican or local bishops have supposedly found evidence of the supernatural.

That’s how low the bar is set for what’s accepted as “proof” in the Catholic Church. Says the caption on the graphic:

Starting in the 16th century, the Roman Catholic Church instituted a strict vetting process for miracles like the 2,000 sightings of the Virgin Mary claimed since A.D. 40. To be worthy of belief and church support, apparitions must be deemed miraculous with a high degree of certainty and in line with church doctrine, and found to have had a positive impact.

As we’ve posted before, miracles in the Church often boil down to nothing more than “shit we can’t explain.”

I’m not criticizing National Geographic for writing about this phenomenon. I’m just shocked how many people simply accept these sightings as if the Virgin Mary came back to make an appearance — or God is just working in mysterious ways.

(Thanks to Zait for the link)

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