This Christian Leadership Conference Has to Be a Joke November 14, 2015

This Christian Leadership Conference Has to Be a Joke

Guess what these Christian pastors have in common?

Perry Noble, who calls Christians “jackasses” if they want a deeper understanding of the Bible.

Steven Furtick, who refuses to reveal how much money he makes even to his own congregation because he claims Jesus doesn’t want him to.

Mark Driscoll, who shamed his pregnant wife for having fooled around with a guy when she was in high school, complained about our “pussified nation,” and belittled a Christian radio host whose wife was pastor of his church.

Answer: They’re all speaking at a Christian leadership conference hosted by Noble’s church.

Because those guys represent the best of Christian leadership.

Good luck to anyone who attends a church run by someone going to this conference. You’re gonna need it.

(via Pulpit & Pen. Image via Shutterstock)

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