South African Bus Driver Fired After Leading Passengers in Prayer During Rides November 14, 2015

South African Bus Driver Fired After Leading Passengers in Prayer During Rides

A bus driver in Cape Town, South Africa was fired (despite a warning) after he was leading passengers in prayer during every journey.

But even though a prayer that lasted less than 30 seconds has cost him his job, Jerome Rose said on Friday he would not lose faith. “That’s okay. God has bigger plans for me,” he said, hours after a disciplinary hearing resulted in his dismissal.

Rose, who has been driving the Cape Town/Atlantis route for the past year, said he was given a verbal warning last Friday to stop leading passengers in prayer after a passenger submitted a written complaint.

“But on Monday, I prayed again. I am a Christian first, then a bus driver,” he insisted.

It’s perfectly fine if Christianity is a priority in his life. But not while he’s being paid to be a bus driver.

You also have to wonder why he was incapable of just praying to himself. Hell, he could’ve done that during the entire route. But I guess he was only satisfied if the passengers had to listen to his drivel. Is his God deaf? Does God not answer prayers unless other people hear them as well? Does Matthew 6:5 not apply here?

Rose may be getting a lot of support, but let’s admit it wouldn’t be there if he were Muslim or telling passengers God didn’t exist.

He’ll still appeal the ruling. I’m not sure why. He entire defense seems to be that most people appreciated it, as if being in a Christian majority makes anything he does in the name of his faith okay.

(via The Freethinker. Image via Lizel Lotriet-Sampie on Facebook)

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