Hashtag “Muslims Are Not Terrorists” Spreads on Social Media, Despite Paris Attacks November 14, 2015

Hashtag “Muslims Are Not Terrorists” Spreads on Social Media, Despite Paris Attacks

“Muslims are not terrorists,” claims a hashtag that’s just become the expression du jour of an online grassroots campaign.

But actually, the swine who killed scores of Parisians yesterday clearly were both.

The callous fucks who flew airliners full of passengers into the Twin Towers were too.

The proud homicidal maniacs who bombed nightclubs in Bali, hotels in Mumbai, trains in Madrid, subway cars and buses in London, schools in Beslan and Garissa and Peschawar, et cetera, were also.

A commenter on this blog argued today that the Muslims champing at the bit to commit this never-ending butchery constitute about “0.3 percent of the total.” If that’s true, that’s five million Muslims. (And according to Pew Research, some 350 million Muslims worldwide offer moral and/or material support for terrorist scum, always happy to cackle openly at the indiscriminate murder of infidels.)

Now find me equivalent numbers in any other religion — millions upon millions of people who want to blow up airplanes, skyscrapers, schools full of kids, theaters, concert venues, and so on. Can you? Who are they? Catholics? Amish? Buddhists? Mormons? Jains? Hindus?

Obviously, we shouldn’t tar all Muslims with the same brush; with that I agree whole-heartedly. I’m not at all suggesting that #MuslimsAreTerrorists would be an appropriate hashtag, either. Most Muslims want to live their lives in peace; we have nothing to fear from them. But “Muslims are not terrorists,” as if the definition of a Muslim is someone who is incapable of using extreme violence, is a self-defeating, deeply dishonest hashtag for the enormous fib it tells — a presumably well-intentioned lie that flies in the face of every reality that matters.

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