Comedians Chime in on Starbucks Red Cup Non-troversy November 12, 2015

Comedians Chime in on Starbucks Red Cup Non-troversy

Now that the Starbucks Red Cup freakout has reached peak Culture War, several comedians have chimed in on the matter.

Like Stephen Colbert giving a shout-out to Joshua Feuerstein, a.k.a. “Paul Blart, Mall Bro”:

And Ellen Degeneres reminding us about last year’s cups:

The old cups had snowflakes and Santa’s sleigh and elves — you know, all the things you find in the Bible. Now they’re just red. I mean, look at this cup. You might as well call it a “Satan-Sipper.”

And Trevor Noah mocking the “Kevin James impersonator… who goes around getting fake mad about hot-button issues… hoping to attract the attention of gullible people who might amplify his stupid message.”

I still don’t care if Feuerstein gets attention for this. He makes all Christians look horrible and gives people yet another reason to shed their faith entirely.

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