Catholic “Militant” Says Church/State Separation is a Bad Idea November 12, 2015

Catholic “Militant” Says Church/State Separation is a Bad Idea

Michael Voris, a Bill Donohue wannabe who runs a site seriously called, says church/state separation is a horrible idea. Catholicism is obviously right, he claims, so why bother letting everyone else pretend otherwise?

He says in the video (available on his site):

… The one wrinkle in America — unlike much of the rest of the world — is the American landscape has tens of thousands of different religions. So the government giving primacy of place to one over the others would cause quite the commotion, because it would have to be figured out which is the Church that needed this primacy and uplifting by the State.

But we are far from that, because all the religions have simply accepted the fact, at least in a pluralistic society and for political reasons, that they are all equal. So the fight today isn’t over which religion is supreme (which is the fight that needs to be had), but rather over government intrusion into anything religious, like conscience, practice, and so forth.

So American bishops are happy to join in the wrong fight and battle it out for religious liberty, which essentially concedes two points deadly to the Faith: first, that all religions in this culture are equal; and two, they are implicitly agreeing with the idea that there should be a separation of Church and State.

Just because you accept church/state separation doesn’t mean you think every belief system is equally valid. It just means you think the government shouldn’t be promoting one religion over any other (or faith over no faith). All separation does is force you to convince others of how right you are based on the validity of your arguments, not the power of the government. May the most logical people win.

You would think Voris would realize that nations with an official religion tend to be among the least religious nations. The U.S., despite our (theoretical) separation of church and state, is overwhelmingly religious. Even with the demographics changing, we’re extremely devout.

Even if there was an official religion in the U.S., whatever it was, there would be more people who didn’t belong to it. It makes no sense for the government to declare one is right. If they did, I promise you it wouldn’t be Catholicism. And if that happened, I suspect Voris would be saying something very different.

(Thanks to Brian for the link)

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