This Video on the “Nature of Science” Uses Every Creationist Fallacy You Can Imagine November 11, 2015

This Video on the “Nature of Science” Uses Every Creationist Fallacy You Can Imagine

In a new propaganda video from Answers in Genesis, the Creationist group explains the difference between “observational” and “historical” science, a false dichotomy that real scientists never use.

How do we know this is a video about science? Because this is one of the images you see in it:

The narrator wrongly claims we can’t really infer anything about the past because we weren’t there to witness it ourselves. (Unless it’s in the Bible, in which case God witnessed it. Obviously.)

But real scientists know how to use various kinds of evidence that were left behind in other to form theories — in many cases, nearly air-tight theories — about what happened in the past. That’s observational science, just like everything is observational science. And when all those pieces of evidence — fossils, DNA, carbon dating, etc. — point to the same conclusion, we can be fairly confident in those results.

As blogger Scott Johnson noted:

By positioning any science that deals with the past as merely conjecture, [Creationists] need not deal with evidence at all. “Well, you have your beliefs and I have mine,” they can say. Suddenly, the accumulated knowledge of centuries of scientists has been put on equal footing with a literal and dogmatic reading of the Bible.

This video, like everything Answers in Genesis puts out, reveals far more ignorance than insight.

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